The Tobeca differentiates itself from the crowd by the creative incorporation of a travel / flight case. The material of the case is a birch plywood ‘9mm to 7 folds + dark plastic coated.’ 200x200x220mm volume printing. Full Specs: Closed Dimensions: 440x414x175mm Open Dimensions: 440x414x430mm Printer open coil + PLA: 440x450x460mm Weight: 10 KgMechanics Horizontal translations: Linear Bushings 8mm Igus treated trees aluminum 8mm Igus Vertical translation: Studs Stainless A2 metrics obtained by running + system integrated anti-backlash Engine: Stepper NEMA14 (Z axis) and NEMA17 high torque (15 Nm and 44), not 1.8 ° microstepping 1/16 Drivetrain: Belt polyurethane T5 T5 aluminum pulleys, belts returns bearings 608ZZ Printed parts: layer thickness of 0.25mm Power supply: 220V AC to 12V DC 120W, 82% yield PCB: 1.3a Sanguinololu Drivers engines: Pololus A4988 (microstepping 1/16) Power Connector: 3-pin IEC with 5x20mm 1A, EU power connector Computer Connector: USB Type B Cooling: Active with 40mm fan Heating plate: 3mm aluminum plate (grade 2017A), with 6 10W 2.2 ohm resistors in aluminum housing and NTC 100KohmsSoftware Firmware: Marlin Printer software Repetier Host Formats:. STL GCODE. Supported OS: Windows XP, 7, 8 (x86 and x64), Linux Ubuntu and Debian (x86 and x64), Mac OSPrint Technology: Extrusion melt plastics and derivatives Plastic wire diameter: 3mm Printhead: 0.5mm Duty cycle (X, Y, Z) is 8800cm3 200x200x220mm Resolution travel: 21.7μm (X and Y) and 0.39 microns (Z axis) Layer thickness: 0.10mm to 0.30mm (depending on quality selected) Print speed: 50mm / s to 120mm / s (depending on the quality selected) Supported Materials: PLA, ABS, hybrid wood / plastic, nylon, flexible PLATemperatures Use: 15 ° C to 35 ° C Storage: 5 ° C to 50 ° C.

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