For the remake of RoboCop, director José Padilha turned to Martin Whist, production designer of the film for a new design. It turns out a lot of attention is paid to the functionality of the suit. The team made two updated suits based on the original one.

Once the designs were finalized, the 3D models of the two suits were sent to company Legacy Effects to build. Legacy Effects is famous for making suits for Iron Man, Avatar, Real Steel, and Pacific Rim, among others. Using Stratasys' high resolution Objet Connex multi-material 3D printing technology, Legacy Effects produced every aspect of the RoboCop suit - from helmet, to boots - as master mold patterns. These pieces were then molded and cast into other materials to create variants of the suit depending on the requirements of each scene.

In addition, some versions of the suit used in the movie were composed of as much as 90 percent actual 3D printed parts. For example, the striking visor, which forms part of the helmet on the black version of the RoboCop suit, features a gleaming red strip; the entire visor used in the movie is 3D printed with Stratasys transparent (VeroClear) material.