Penis Wall

Peiqi Su, a student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts used 3D-technology to create a wall of movement-sensitive animated penises.

As its title clearly states, Peiqi Su’s graduation project is an installation made of 81 erectable penises. The fun part is that they react to the viewer’s movements. Each penis is made of 6 3D-printed segments driven by servo motors and is equipped with a ultrasonic distance sensor that can sense the visitor’s presence. The Penis Wall can also be used to represent data such as the fluctuations of the stock market.

The look of the visitors confronted with the moving penises is quite priceless, however the Penis Wall is much more than a fun display of male genitalia. Projects invented by ITP students are often very creative and this one is no exception. When you think about it, the diversity of technologies involved in the creation of the Penis Wall is quite impressive. The installation makes a clever use of 3D-printing, servo-motors and distance sensor and it doubles as a data visualization display. I long for the day when each investment bank will be equipped with the device. The world will probably be a better place by then.