Headpiece sculptures by Ray Civello and Stephen Ma

Solid Concepts worked with fashion and editorial hair stylist Ray Civello to create three beautiful 3D Printed headpieces using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology for the recent AVEDA Congress 2013. Civello, who developed the design a few weeks before the event, first began prototyping the design by hand in his massive workshop at AVEDA Canada, but quickly realized the raw and organic nature of sculpting by hand just couldn’t capture his vision. After teaming up with designer Stephen Ma, Civello’s vision fell to Solid Concepts to deliver upon.

Solid Concepts manufactured the designs by creating the perfect, refined and elegant look Civello envisioned. “I’ve been doing hair for 37 years,” says Civello. “I was what they called a session hair dresser, meaning I specialized in photo shoots doing editorial and advertising – I traveled everywhere. I got known for doing sculptures out of everything from fabric to paper [for these photo shoots] and so photographers were always calling me in saying, ‘Could you do this with clay?’ I started working with any material and became interested in sculpture. Hair is interesting, but I find this [sculpturing] far more interesting.”