New from Gestalten - Printing Things: Visions and Essentials for 3D Printing

The field of 3D printing is now moving so rapidly that significant technical advances, as well as examples of audacious new work, are now a daily occurrence. Given that, what's the point, you might well wonder, to produce a book that's destined to be out of date before the ink on its pages is dry? Several come to mind. One is to capture the energy and potential of this radical new approach to creating objects in its infancy — ten years from now, flipping though these pages will be a journey back to a more innocent age when everything seemed possible, much like the early years of the personal computer.

But beyond its historical value, the editorial team behind Printing Things has provided a valuable service by focusing not so much on the technology itself, although that would seem to be well represented, but on the creative uses for which it's being employed. The emphasis here is very much on the creative side of 3D printing, so you'll have to look elsewhere for coverage of medical or industrial applications. But for the creative community this would seem to be a valuable contribution, as both a quick heads up in technical fundamentals and as a catalyst in making a connection between the technology and how it might amplify and extend personal creative work. And that's an important emphasis to make at this point in time, as 3D printing continues its evolution from being an obscure industrial process to a mainstream practice in which all of us can partake.